2015 Topics

This year’s MyStI topics:

  • Challenges, opportunities, threats to the Muslim life: The role of Muslims in civic and digital society
    • The blessing of time is one of the greatest blessings that Allah can bestow upon His slaves and the Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) said that we should make the most of our free time before becoming busy. In our digital age it is easy to become “busy” with the Internet and social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc). How much time do Muslims spend using the Internet per day and per week and for what do we use it? For those that spend a significant amount of time on the Internet, what types of activities do they spend less time doing? What challenges and  opportunities face Muslims through social media and digital community? How can we encourage positive usage of it while discouraging negative and/or haraam (forbidden) usage?  In what ways does the digital community impact and affect the physical community, our interpersonal communication, means of learning, and faith?
  • Understanding the Threat: Islamophobia
    • What is Islamophobia? Why does it matter with regards to Muslims living in the west?  Is it real, or is it perceived? Is it a threat, or is it an opportunity? How has it been dealt with by American youth, both Muslim and not? Have similar issues existed in the past, and how were those tackled? What options are there to neutralize the effects of Islamophobia?  What are the challenges and opportunities available to Muslims dealing with Islamophobia? How does Islamophobia affect our community and our interpersonal communication, learning, and faith?
  • A combination of both topics
  • Your own

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