A trusted and committed mentoring system is key to the success of the research program. A mentor provides critical support such as guiding students on right track, evaluating student work, and ranking. We are looking for committed mentors that meet the following criteria.

  • An academic professional with a social science background is desired, however, any professional with a strong research and development background could become a mentor for this research program.
  • At Master’s or a terminal degree in specified area of expertise
  • A subject matter expert or have substantial expertise on the area/topic being researched
  • Must be a good command in on-line communication and be able to maintain an electronic presence with the mentee via various modes of communication (Email, Google Docs, Skype conference, etc)
  • Demonstrated community service and interest in community affairs.
  • Able to spend 2 to 4 hours per week during the summer term.

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Mentoring goals:

  • Our goal is to link each mentee with a qualified  and resourceful mentor (or a team of mentors) who is committed, willing to guide, direct, provide feedback, evaluate, and work closely with the student  intern to enable them succeed in the project.  Mentors are committed to serve the youth in expanding their critical analytic capability and exposing them with the real-world research experience, insha Allah.
  • An electronic mode of collaborations (email, web interfacing, yahoo group, Skype conference etc.)  between the mentors and the mentees are desired.
  • Mentors are anticipated to evaluate and score their student’s project based on the criteria established and  also serve as members of the panel of experts responsible for judging, evaluating, and ranking the competing projects.
  • Mentors will  set realistic goals, commit time, clarify  roles and responsibilities of mentor and mentee, provide timely feedback and establish frequent communications.

Please contact if you are interested in becoming a mentor, are an applicant who already has a mentor in mind.

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