Internship Program Flow

The MyStI program flow spreads over the duration of that year’s summer and consists of three phases:

  1. Phase 1: Proposal solicitation & selection of qualified candidates
  2. Phase 2: Research internship
  3. Phase 3: Deliberation and evaluation

Each applicant intern will be assigned a mentor that will monitor and guide them throughout the course of the program. The research projects will be evaluated and ranked by a panel of experts. The intern’s work must be endorsed and approved by the designated/approved mentor at every phase of MyStI.

Here is what to be expected when interning with MY-FIKR:

  • Interns will take primary responsibility for conducting research and do so with professional attitudes and time commitments.
  • An average of 10-15 hours per week, researching the project, is anticipated.
  • Intern’s communications and data collection are to be recorded and be readily available for review by the panel of mentors/judges.
  • Interns agree to write technical articles and  submit final report for publication into appropriate outlets.
  • Interns are encouraged to present research results at appropriate meetings (i.e. ISNA, ICNA, CAIR ,  Islamic Centers and academic institution) and also in Muslim Link, The Message, Islamic Horizon, or Al Jumuah Magazine

For more details, please view this PDF file or watch in PowerPoint form.

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