MY-FIKR is the Muslim Youth Foundation of Intellectual Know-How and Research, an organization that offers a Muslim Youth Scholar Training Internship (MyStI) in DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

MyStI is a research internship for Muslim high school seniors, undergraduate, and graduate college students. MY-FIKR offers a summer-long opportunity to pursue scientific investigation of relevant social issues regarding the Muslim community, global environment and society, and how all of these interact. The topics available for research vary by each year, but every year participants are encouraged to identify social challenges not chosen by MY-FIKR organizers and work towards orchestrating a solution through research, analysis, and faith.

Our goals and objectives:

  • Encourage our youth to take an active part in resolving community issues via scientific approach in a competitive environment.
  • Engage our youth in reflection and development of the intricate and diverse social dynamics in our current-day Muslim Ummah .
  • Enable emerging leaders and Faqeeh (scholars) in their personal development and success in a way that might benefit them in this life and the hereafter, for the pleasure of and by the mercy of Allah alone, may He be glorified and exalted.

 The benefits of interning with MY-FIKR:

  • Cash awards: $100 for each of the ten selected proposals; $1500 for each of the three students who are awarded the research internship
  • Developing research expertise in a work environment that contributes to your work experience and professional resume content
  • Work towards a solution that makes a visible impact on the challenge that afflicts your community which you chose to conduct research and analysis upon
  • Receive recognition for your work and gain confidence as your ideas are implemented and/or published
  • Develop a competitive spirit and a drive to excel in all aspects of your life as you participate with equally brilliant minds in this competitive internship program

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